Strawberry Turnovers


Time:33 minutes            Servings: 4


If you want a quick snack to make and you don’t know what to prepare, these easy strawberry turnovers are the best choice. They take few minutes to prepare and few minutes to make. They are made with ingredients that you will find at your house and are easily found in the supermarket.


The two main ingredients in this recipe are strawberries and puff pastry. This combination gives a special taste to these sweets. The flakiness of the pastry and the texture of the sweet strawberry filling is sensational.



To make these strawberry turnovers, you don’t need many kitchen utensils. A saucepan, a small bowl, a fork, a knife and a brush are the main things that you need. Once everything is done, you bake them in the oven and pour a special sweet glaze on top.


You will absolutely adore making these turnovers.


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