Santa Cheese Ball

Santa Cheese Ball

This adorable Santa Cheese Ball is a fun, no-bake Christmas Party appetizer! Ranch and cheddar cheeseball recipe.


Easy holiday party appetizer

This Santa Cheese Ball recipe is made with a delicious ranch and cheddar combination. This is a great appetizer for holiday parties!


2-8 oz boxes of cream cheese

1 – 1 oz. package ranch dressing dip


2 cups cheddar cheese

1 cup chopped pecans

1 box of whipped cream cheese

1 large red bell pepper

1 cup grape tomatoes


grape tomato



Round crackers


Frosting Bag & Tip


Mix 2 boxes of cream cheese, ranch dip, cheddar, and pecans to make a cheeseball.

Make a face in a circle and place it on the party platter

Take a large red bell pepper and cut it in half. Clean it up and put it in Santa’s hat.

Grape tomatoes can be added to the bottom of your face.

In a bag, add whipped cream cheese to the frosting

To make Santa’s hat look fuzzier, pipe whipped cream cheese using a frosting tip.

Pipe more cream cheese for eye brows or a beard.

Red cheeks: Cut a grape tomato in half

A carrot can be used as a nose, and olives are used for the eyes.

Keep refrigerated until ready for use.

Serve with crackers.