Pillsbury’s Crescent Roll Taco Bake

This is a great recipe by Pillsbury. It was extremely simple and delicious. We love sour-cream so we had that alongside it. I’d suggest that you be aware of the time of baking. Cresent rolls typically don’t take much time to cook. The crust I made turned golden-brown after just 17 minutes Keep watch on it after it’s been in an baking oven for fifteen minutes, and take your time.

My family enjoyed this. I wasn’t a fan of the crust on the bottom. I was afraid it’d become soggy, so I used tomato juice in place of salsa. Then I also added a can of chilies that were green. I’m glad I added a can beans, otherwise it could have been an uninteresting pie. The beans gave the pie an extra body. A little corn would be great as well. It was very easy to put together. I used cresent with reduced fat rolls and ground turkey

I’d suggest using crescent sheets instead of crescent rolls to ensure that you don’t have to fret about squeezing seams to create the crust. I followed the recipe exactly in the same manner, however I substituted taco sauce instead of salsa (picky husband). This recipe was okay. I would like to make flour tortillas instead of making regular tacos since they’d be more efficient and less time-consuming. The crust was not spectacular. us and is also known to be a bit sweet for more savory meals. Take care when placing it in the oven . Mine turned out a bit brown, so the time will vary based on the oven you use. I’m not sure if I’d try this recipe again.


Two crescent rolls tubes, 1 L ground beef (or ground turkey)
1 package of taco seasoning
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese grated
Shredded lettuce
1 or 2 tomatoes diced, based on the size
1/2 small can olives cut into slices If desired
Optional sour cream
sliced avacado optional

How to create it:

Place the two crescent pastry tubes with the thick sides inside.
Utilize some of the remaining crescent rolls create the center more substantial.
Brown the beef and sprinkle taco seasoning.
Place the beef in a circle within the laid-out crescent rolls
Sprinkle cheese on top.
Take crescent rolls over and place them in between cheese and meat.
Sprinkle cheese, lettuce tomatoes, black olives sour cream, or whatever you like to put in tacos in the middle.
Make sure you follow the cook time listed on the crescent rolls. When you’ve finished, you’ll be good to go!