Mom’s Fudge


TIME: 20 minutes        SERVINGS: 36

This is a typical homemade fudge that everyone adores to have. Whether it is a hot day in summer or a cold day in winter no one can dare to say no to some fudge. This recipe is for all children, teens and adults who love to have something sweet during their day. It can be taken as a dessert or simply as a snack.


Fudge is a type of candy that is part of our heritage. It has been passed down for generations. It is very easy to make and needs only few main ingredients. Fudge is soft, creamy and light. The secret ingredient to make it creamier is marshmallow fluff. It is also rich in chocolate, but you don’t feel heavy while having it.


This recipe is the kind of recipes that gives you the freedom to add any flavour that you want. You can add peppermint extract, cinnamon, or coffee. Create and Enjoy!



¾ C. Butter unsalted

2 ½ C. Granulated sugar

⅔ C. Evaporated milk

12 oz. Bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

7 oz. Marshmallow fluff

1 tsp. Vanilla extract




Take a saucepan, place unsalted butter, sugar, and milk on a stove (high-heat).

Whisk these ingredient to combine and bring them to boil.

Once it boils, lower the heat to medium and keep it on the stove for 5 minutes.

Remove the saucepan from the stove and add in the chocolate chips and whisk until the chocolate is melted.

Add in the marshmallow fluff and vanilla extract and whisk again.

Take you 9×9 baking dish, line it with aluminum foil and spray it with cooking spray.

Pour the mixture in the baking dish.

Place it in the fridge and let it sit for few hours.

Once some few hours have passed, cut it into pieces and serve.

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