Honey Lemon Asparagus


Time: 31 minutes          Servings: 6-8 servings


Many people don’t like any type of green vegetables, but with this recipe you’ll never see asparagus the same way anymore.


You will become fond of it. This recipe is fresh. Thus, it is the best decision you can make to start including green veggies in your diet. Asparagus in this recipe is not overly cooked which allows it to have both a soft and crispy texture.


This also balances the taste when you add the honey and lemon sauce. The addition of the latter does not make this dish soggy at all.


While some people might think that asparagus is tasteless, this recipe is sweet, sour and flavourful. It is easily made and needs only few ingredients. This honey lemon asparagus can be served as a starter or accompanied with your course meal.


You can serve with meat, chicken or fish. Enjoy this healthy recipe.


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