Homemade Mashed Potatoes


Mashed potatoes are among the most delicious side dishes to serve with this. The best aspect about it is the ability to prepare them in a specific method that truly improves the quality of the potatoes we are so fond of. This is a delicious recipe that you’ll love making the most delicious mashing potatoes you can.




3 lb. mixed potatoes, including Yukon Golds and russets

Black pepper freshly ground


1/2 c. sour cream

1/2 12 c. (1 stick) butter and 2 tablespoons of it to garnish

1/2 1. whole milk

Salt Kosher



Make sure you have a large pot and then cover the potatoes in a heaping of water. Then add some salt. Bring the water to a boil and then cook until the potatoes become soft and tender, typically approximately 18 minutes.

Once the cooking is done, drain it and place the potatoes back into the pot again Then, take a potato masher and smash the potatoes until they’re perfect and smooth.


After that then melt the butter and the milk inside a pan after which, once it’s heated, remove it and stir it together.

It is then poured on top of your potatoes until it is whipped, then add additional sour cream until everything is properly blended.

Add some salt and pepper until it’s the way you’d like it to.

Place this into an ice-cold bowl for serving by topping it with the last few tablespoons of butter and then add more salt according to your preference before serving it!



What are the best potatoes to use?

This is a matter that’s your decision.

Russets are quicker to cook and are also fluffier and slightly starchier, however, they’re not as sweet.

Yukon golds tend to be waxier, and moister, and are more adept in retaining their shape. If you choose to use russets, you’ll be getting a blander potato, whereas the Yukon ones add an incredibly smooth texture and taste to it. Also, the russets will have an amazing flavor from this.

The real answer is yes, but it’s your choice because there’s plenty to pick from.

Do I need to take it off?

This is a concern that which a lot of people are asking. Some people prefer peeling them as the texture adds an advantage to the skin however, it’s your choice.

The skins provide some more nutrients, as well as some fiber and taste more smooth.

If you prefer soft potatoes, that’s great as well, and you will certainly benefit from this too.

How much butter should I use?

Butter is your most trusted friend. If you’d like to add an additional couple of tablespoons over the entire stick to do it, then go for it. Butter is a great ingredient for potatoes. You may even add milk, and let it develop an amazingly smooth texture.

Also, Don’t be afraid to give whole-fat alternatives to your potatoes. They can help them to be less dry and this will make them taste better. You can skip low-fat milk and sour cream alternatives and choose full-fat for all of these and get a taste of it!