Fried Pickles Recipe!


If you’ve not had Fried Pickles before then you’re missing out! !

Crispy and crunchy, they’re also loaded with the dill flavor that we all love so much!

It’s amazing how simple making these are and how delicious flavorful dill pickles they are!

This recipe for fried pickles uses batter that is mixed together with Panko bread crumbs to create an amazing crunch! We like dipping in ranch sauce to make this delicious snack!

Fried pickles are a great snack for game days and are among our all time most loved snacks! Who wouldn’t love a sweet and spicy dill pickle that is smoky and tangy in crisp panko crust that is crispy and crunch? (Not me, definitely the case)!

I tasted deep-fried pickles the very first time at a restaurant traveling, and I’ve been awed ever since. I’ve not found anyone who can make excellent pickles fried in my area, therefore I resolved to create my own!

I’m telling you, they are my new obsession! (And I could or might not have had a couple of frittered pickles as breakfast along with my cup of caffeine… however, I’m not sure).

It is possible to use any kind of Dill Pickles (sweet pickles don’t provide the same effect as spicy pickle with dill) for these.

Slices, rounds spears, halves, or rounds can all be used, but I prefer to go with sandwich slices as I love their size, and they’re ideal to dip!

What kind of Sauce Goes with Fried Dill Pickles?

Anything that is creamy is a great option. Personally, I like dips with a touch of heat. While you can make the dips you buy from stores homemade ones are much better!

Buttermilk Ranch Dip is classic and easy. The homemade dip is superior to store-bought as well as is the ultimate fry pickle dipper!

Chipotle Garlic Sauce is creamy and delicious, with a bit of spice!

Delicious Blue Cheese Dip The simple and simple dip is a favorite with a reason, and is delicious with crisp, deep-fried pickles.

Creamy Jalapeno Dip This simple dip can be made using a blender. It is ideal to prepare prior to time.

I pickle them and dry them on a towel to prevent them from becoming too wet.

After that, a basic batter is made (you are able to use beer batter if prefer (I like this recipe for beer batter)) and finally adding a few Panko bread crumbs, which is the key ingredient in this recipe! They give a fantastic crunch to the pickles.

If you’d like, you can incorporate your preferred spices to the batter too. We like to add paprika and dill however adding a pinch of cayenne pepper or garlic powder is also great!

Learn how to make this delicious Cinnamon Fried Pickles recipe so you can taste the best flavor.

You can prepare it for as many times you like however, it’s also very simple and delicious.

You’ll never regret it and the whole family will be enthralled by it. Fried Pickles recipe. Do not be afraid to try it.

Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time Servings 4


Dill Pickle Chips

1/4 to 1 cup beer

2 eggs

1 to 2 cups of flour

Cholesterol-free oil


Pour oil into a large pan until the oil is about 2 inches from the edge from the skillet. Warm oil to 350°F.

Make sure to strain pickles in an ice-cold colander.

Mix in a bowl. mix the yolks together with 3 cups of beer. Mix the batter with some salt as well as pepper. Add enough flour to make an emulsifying batter. If the batter is too thick, you can add more beer to make it thinner.

Dip the pickles one at one time by using tongs to dip them into the batter, and then place in the oil that is heated.

Fry pickles for around 2 minutes. Flip the pickle after approximately 1 minute.

Put the pickles on a plate lined with a towel and sprinkle with salt. Serving along with Ranch Dressing.

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