Smash burgers

Smash burgers

Smash burgers are fast and simple, and an excellent option to serve a large crowd. Delicious buns that are buttery and juicy patty with an amazing crust


There’s nothing more satisfying then a juicy hamburger you can prepare at your kitchen. This recipe for a smash burger is easy to make and we love mustard, pickles, and ketchup on the burgers, and, of course, on the Brioche bun. However, you can certainly add tomatoes, lettuce and onions If you’re feeling adventurous.

Let’s take a quick look at the ingredients.

Ground beef 80/20

Salt Kosher

Black pepper


Brioche buns/buns of your preference

American cheese

Slices of pickle with dill


This is a thin, burger that is cooked on a hot griddle or skillet. This involves placing the beef on an extremely hot grill or pan, and then crushing it with the help of a spatula or pressing it down with a burger press. This causes the formation of a nice crust on both sides. It’s among the easiest hamburger recipes you’ll ever cook.


Place the ground meat balls into a warm skillet (Like the cast iron) Gristle made from cast iron Flattop for outdoor use.

Make them smashable using an iron spatula or a meat press.

Flip the pan and cook on the opposite side.


Sprinkle cheese on top of lid and allow to melt.


Brioche buns are my absolute favorite however you can make any kind of bun, I suggest toasting it before you bake it.

It is recommended to use ground beef that is 80/20 for these burgers.

The meat should be gently rolled into balls with your hands. However, you don’t want the balls to be too tight.

I prefer American cheese as I think it is best paired with hamburgers, but if you like other cheeses, go for the one you like.

Be sure that everything is prepared and ready for when you want to cook these burgers. cook quickly.


I suggest that you prepare everything and ready to cook these burgers quickly!

It is possible to turn them into doubles so that you can serve 4 people.

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