Slow Cooker Cheesy Kielbasa Hashbrown Casserole Dinner


Hello everyone I hope that you’re having an awesome day today. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to prepare a delicious dish: slow cooker cheesy hashbrown kielbasa casserole. It’s one of my top choices. In my case, I’m going to create it with a little taste. It’s going to be very delicious.

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{Create 32 oz bag of hash browns defrosted.

{Make ready 14 OZ. of kielbasa. Let it thaw and cut into pieces.

{The 1st one is a small onion, chopped.

{Make ready 3 cups of butter melting.

{There are two and a half cups cheese shredded (I made a mixture of monterey Jack and cheddar).

{Make 10.5 OZ of cream from a can of chicken.

{Take 1 cup full of milk.

Instructions for making slow Cooker Cheesey Kielbasa hashbrown Casserole:

Mix hash browns and kielbasa with onion and 2 cups of cheese in a crockpot that has been greased. A separate bowl mix cream of chicken with butter, milk and. Pour the mixture over hash browns..

Sprinkle remaining cheese on the top. Cook at high temperature to 3 hours. ENJOY!.

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