Santa Cookies

Santa Nutter Butter Cookies are the perfect complement for your holiday cookie swap. Peanut nut butter cookies are coated in chocolate and then decorated to appear like Santa! It’s a sweet treat that kids will love!

Santa Nutter Butter Cookies

The peanut butter-filled Nutter Butter cookies are great by themselves however, sprucing them up for Christmas by adding sprinkles and white chocolate makes them look festive!


12 oz. white candy melts

(1-lb.) pkg. peanut sandwich cookies stuffed with butter (Nutter Cookies with Butter)

64 mini chocolate chips

32 mini chocolate chips

32 Red Hot candies

Sugar red sanding


There are a variety of methods for doing this, but we decided to work from Santa’s beard up to his hat to ensure that it’s not a problem that the red sugar won’t become stuck in his beard.

Chocolate should be melted according to the instructions on the package (use microwave)

Place baking sheets on wax paper.

Holding the bottom of the cookie take it and dip it into the melting chocolate and tap to let any excess chocolate drip off.

Spread flat on waxed paper lined cookie sheets. Then, immediately place 1 hot red to make a nose.

Give it for about 10 minutes, or until it is set.

Then, holding on to the top part of the cookies, dip it in the chocolate that has melted and tap to let the excess chocolate drip off and then dip it into the red sugar. Place the cookies flat on waxed lined cookie sheets. Place 1 white chocolate chip to make Santa’s pompom to put on his hat. It is possible to pipe a small amount of chocolate onto the sanding sugar to create the pompom.

Make sure to add two drops of chocolate to the eyes. Add two chocolate chips in the form of minis for the eyes.


Make these in any way you’d like.

It’s easy to swap out your mini red M&Ms to the hot red candy if you’re not sure the kids will appreciate an added cinnamon flavor to their cookies.

The Nutter Butter Santas sure to become a standard Christmas dessert in your home! They’re great to leave at the end of Christmas to Santa.

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