Salami and Cream Cheese Roll Up Recipe


The three components are all raw, there is no cooking is required, however you’ll require a cutting knife for the roll.

When I host a party, I make the roll at least a day in advance and then on that day at the event I slice them thinly and then stack them between wax papers, before and then return them to the refrigerator. For serving you, I line the platter with crackers. Then, I lay a slice of the roll on top of each. They can be put on top of each other by this method, and make a striking display. The crackers stay fresh and crisp , but it makes assembly fast and simple. Each roll is able to make 55 to 70 crackers.

Salami and Cream Cheese Roll-ups


1 pound of cream cheese at room temperature

1/2-3/4 lbs salami cut in thin slices (thinner is better because it rolls better)

1/2 green pepper Thinly

Place a large piece covered in plastic on your work surface. Put the cheese the plastic wrap . Cover the wrap with another that is the same size. With a rolling pin , roll the cream cheese into an even layer that is approximately 1/4-inch thick. Pay attention to the edges of cream cheese when it is rolled out, as the wrap on top could be able to get beneath the cheese. To prevent this from happening, periodically take the wrap off and then replace it in order to roll the cheese into an oval.

Take off the top layer of plastic wrap, and add the salami. Spread the slices until that cream cheese has been covered. gently press the salami into the cream cheese, allowing it stick. Replace the wrap with the cheese and gently flip the cheese and salami to ensure it is on top of the cheese. remains placed on the top. Take the wrap off and lay the sliced green peppers on top of the cheese.

Spread the salami on top of the cream cheese making sure not to leave air space (this makes it more difficult cutting later) and then use the wrap to hold it in place while you work. Roll the meat log in a circular motion and press the layers around it to secure it. Cover the meat log with plastic, then refrigerate for up to 4-6 hours or even overnight (it is possible to cut it without chilling, however the longer it is chilled, the simpler it will be to cut.) Slice the meat thinly and test one of them on a cracker, since big crackers might require larger slices, while smaller crackers might require slices cut smaller. Drink it with your favorite drink.

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