The mini, individual Trifles can be prepared in the morning they are always a big popular.


The best part about the Mini Christmas Trifle is that you can keep the entire thing for yourself.

There is no need to fight with your family member who consumes too much jelly!

Magic of flummery

This recipe includes all the essential ingredients you’d expect from trifles, such as custard as well as alcohol, sponge and jelly.

Strategies for success in trifle-making


Here are some of my less-sophisticated tips to make a delicious trifle:

1. Fresh Berries

This trifle recipe is made with fresh berries and they are the best way to make all the layers better.

Clean and dry the fruit before using in the recipe.

2. Get your timing right

You can prepare this recipe one day in advance.

To be the best it can be in terms of appearance and flavor, a couple of days in the refrigerator prior to serving is the best. This gives your trifle plenty of time for the flavors to settle while maintaining its fresh look.

3. Even layers


Be careful when constructing your trifle to ensure the same and even layer.

It is possible to push down on the sponge to a certain extent or employ a spoon to smooth your custard.

4. Contrasting colours

If you decide to go with an alternative flavour of jelly or a different fruit, consider how the flavors and colours will complement each other.

The best part about this dessert lies through the layering and the contrast!

5. Your serving glasses

It’s all about presentation.

Make sure you use the most elegant glasses to enjoy this dessert, and be sure to clean the glasses to sparkle prior to serving.

If you’re making a children’s version that isn’t alcoholic You could make use of transparent plastic glasses.


85 grams of jelly crystals (1 packet Aeroplane jelly, if you’re located in Australia)

cream 125 ml (tinned cream thickened cream, thickened cream or heavy cream)

12-pieces Tiramisu sponge finger (about one cup of fresh sponge chopped into small squares)

1 cup Port, Sherry, or the muscat (or juice to make an alcohol-free version)

Custard 1 1/2 cup (bought or made at home)

400 grams of berries (I used raspberries, strawberries and blackberries)

200ml thickened cream (known as heavy cream in the US)

1 teaspoon of custard powder

mint leaves to decorate


Make jelly according to the directions. It should yield about 2 cups worth of jelly.

Make use of 1 1/4 cup of the mixture of liquid jelly in order to cover the sides of six small dessert dishes or wine glasses.

Place the six glasses along with the rest of the mixture in the refrigerator.

If the mixture is almost set (but still capable of being pourable (this can take between 1-2 hours) Mix the mixture with cream , and beat at high speed for 4 minutes.

The liquid in your cups ought to be set at this point. Be careful when pouring the jelly and mix of cream (flummery) to add a final layer to the glasses.

Set the timer.

Squeeze the sponge fingers on an oven-safe tray. Pour over sherry, port, or Muscat. Alternate with juice if you prefer an alcohol-free or kids variation of this trifle.

As the next layer. Then put a custard layer into each glass.

Incorporate chopped berries for a third layer, leaving six berries to decorate.

Whip the custard and cream powder till the custard develops stiff white peaks.

Pipe cream on top of layers. Decorate every trifle using a berry or mint leaves.


This recipe can be prepared for up to a week in advance.