Italian Drunken Noodles


Every time to time it is necessary to be shaken enough to keep things interesting and moving forward in a positive direction. It is important to maintain the flow to ensure that stagnation does not set into various areas.

I’d like to think of life as an unfiltered jug of apple juice or orange juice. The problem is the sense that after a few days when you don’t shake the container and shake it vigorously, the fruity juices–the delicious pulp–will collect and eventually “settle” at the bottom and leave the liquid at the top, which is dull and thin with no depth or the fullness of its potential flavor. It might be “OK” or “so-so” but it’s not particularly appealing or memorable.

Let’s face it It’s very simple to get bored when something is “OK” or “so-so” Isn’t it?

However, if the jug of unfiltered, delicious juice is shaken vigorously regularly and the sugary sediments disperse throughout the delicious liquid, reviving each glass of cold water poured, ensuring that each sip is satisfying and full of flavor as it is possible to be.

I envision our lives as such; that if we don’t take the time to shake that “juice jug” that is our lives every time to time and we don’t believe that life will remain enjoyable and tasty as it might eventually be. We’ll continue drinking the liquid that is watery that is at the top and then eventually, over time will feel like things have become a little bland and we don’t even know what the reason.


* Olive oil

* 4 spicy Italian sausage links, casings removed

One large onion cut in quarters and thinly

1. 1/2 teaspoons of salt

1. 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning

* 1/2 teaspoon black pepper cracked

* 1 bell pepper red finely cut and cored

* 1 bell pepper in yellow, cut in thin slices and cored

* 1 bell pepper of orange Cored and thinly sliced

* 4 cloves of garlic squeezed through garlic press

1 cup of white wine (I used Chardonnay)

* 1 (28 1 ounce) can of tomatoes diced with juice

* 2 tablespoons flat-leaf parsley chopped

Fresh basil leaves of 1/4-cup cut into juliennes, then divided.

* 8 ounces Pappardelle noodles, uncooked


– Place a heavy-bottomed, large pan or braising pot on medium-high heat. Add 2 tablespoons olive oil

Once the oil is heated and the sausage is browned, break it up into small pieces. Italian sausage to the pan in tiny chunks (you should make sure that the sausage is fairly large) while allowing it to cook within the pan for couple of seconds on either side;

When the sausage has cooked, take it out of the pot or pan using an elongated spoon and put it in a bowl small enough to keep for a short time;

Then, put the diced onion to the pan along and add the sausage drippings and allow it to cook and then turn golden for around 5 minutes and stir to prevent the fire from consuming (add an additional tablespoon of olive oil, if required);

Once the onion begins to get golden, add salt Italian seasoning , and the cracked black pepper. Stir until well. Add the bell peppers cut in slices and let them simmer alongside the onion for approximately 2 minutes until golden and tender;

Then, add the garlic. When it is fragrant, pour the white wine and let it be reduced for a few seconds until it has almost been diminished;

Then, add the diced tomatoes along with their juice. Then, add the cooked spicy Italian sausage to the pan. Then, gently fold in the mixture until it is all combined Allow it to simmer for 3-4 minutes, to mix the flavors. Then reduce the heat to a minimum;

To finish this sauce drizzle approximately 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil to give it the perfect silky rich flavor and then add chopped parsley and approximately half the julienned basil. Mix and let it sit while you cook the noodles.

Prepare the pappardelle noodles in accordance with directions on the package. Then take them out, rinse them well and then add them directly to the sauce. Use tongs to gently mix and mix the pappardelle pasta with the sauce as well as all the ingredients. You can also check the seasoning to determine whether you require any salt or pepper.

To serve the dish, add equal portions of to serve, add equal portions of “Drunken” noodles to bowls and garnish with a few sprigs of the remaining julienned basil you can also top it with shavings of Parmesan or shaved Parmesan, if you prefer as well as a sprinkle in olive oil.

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