This recipe is unique and delicious. Mississippi Pot Roast is full of flavor and is the most tender roast you’ll ever have. It is stuffed with butter and spicy peppers to create a deliciously comforting dinner. It is delicious with mashed potatoes or rice steamed.


If you’ve not yet attempted the Mississippi roast now is the time to try it. It is among my recipes that get the highest amount of requests and I’ve got two more recipes that include one of which is a Spicy Mississippi Roast and a Chicken Mississippi recipe.

Why is it called Mississippi Pot Roast?

I’m a member of several Crockpot recipe groups on Facebook as well as the Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast recipe has been a hit for a long time. Although this isn’t the typical pot roast recipe but it is sure to please even the most picky eaters.

Many call it Mississippi Mud Roast, and others even refer to it as the infamous roast, because those who are part of the group are tired of seeing everyone post photos of it!

The well-known roast only requires 4 ingredients: roast, butter, Brown gravy mix (or au mix of jus) the mixing ranch dressing. If you are looking for easy slow cooker recipes take these ingredients right away!



Mississippi Pot Roast is one slow cooker meal that is renowned for its delicious and tasty blend of beef roast ranch dressing mix onion soup mix pepperoncini peppers and butter. The ingredients are put together inside a slow cooker before being simmered on low heat for a long time, resulting in a juicy and tender stew that’s loaded with flavor. It’s fairly easy to cook since it is made with only basic ingredients and a little prep time!


3 Three pound chuck roast

2 tablespoons olive oil, or vegetable oil

Salt and Pepper, according to your taste

1 packet ranch dressing mix

1 packet dry onion soup mix (or au jus gravy mix)

1 Cup (1 stick) salted butter

8 peperoncini peppers


Cook Mode

Make sure your screen isn’t going to dark


The large skillet can be heated with a high heat. Incorporate oil into the hot skillet. You’ll want it to be hot in order to cook as well as “sear” the beef quickly. It can also be done using your slow cooker, if you have the saute or sear option.

Grab a towel and ensure you clean each side of your roast. Add a pinch in salt or pepper. When the pan is hot and nice and the roast is added, place it in. Utilizing tongs, flip the roast over and cook the opposite part of the roast an additional 2 to 3 minutes.

Transfer meat into slow cooker. Sprinkle dried ranch dressing as well as onion soup mix over the roast. Serve with the butter stick, then put peppers around and on top of the roast.

Cover and cook at low until 8 hours. Do not remove the lid. It’s tempting, but keep it as is!

After it’s been cooked, grab two forks and begin breaking the meat. Take out any fat pieces that are large. Then serve.