Crock Pot Coca Cola Roast!

The Crock Pot Coca-Cola Roast recipe makes the most succulent, caramelized, delicious gravy and meat that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. This is my most-loved slow cooker recipe I’ve ever posted on my blog, and with good reason! It is possible to use Pepsi as well as any soda to make this crock-pot roast.

Crock pots are great to cook meat dishes that are rich in flavor and delicious gravies and sauces. Nearly any recipe from the traditional can be modified to suit this multi-functional appliance. The thing I like the most about recipes for crockpots is that they need minimal preparation time, and they have the “set it and forget it” cooking method! Just throw everything in the cooker in slow cook and then forget about it! The Crock Pot Coca-Cola Roast has been a huge hit each time I’ve cooked it.
Being an “meat snob”, I am a huge fan of the slow cooker because the meat gets so soft. The most important test to determine if I’ll be able take pleasure in the food I am eating is if I’m capable of cutting it with the fork’s side. The tender meat of the Crock Pot Coca-Cola Roast certainly did pass this Ashley test!

The crockpot cola-cola roast is guaranteed to be a hit, though it might sound strange, because coca-cola tenderizes beef in a wonderful way! Avoid diet Coke and Pepsi since it’s the sugars present in the coke that actually make the meat more tender.

This crock-pot meal is extremely simple to prepare (under the time of 10 mins hands-on time). It can be prepared using any roast of beef and beef stew beef meat. I prefer using the chuck roast but both are excellent. I served this alongside my recipe for red potatoes mashed with garlic and used the gravy that was in the pot to serve over the potatoes. You could also make use of red potatoes and put them into the slow cooker together with the roast to make it much easier for you. If you’re enjoying this dish, make sure to test this recipe: Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast! It’s also a great Slow Cooker Italian red wine roast recipe from my dear friend Mary.




1 beef roast of choice (use the size roast and the amount of vegetables you need to feed your family. I used a 2.5 pound Chuck Roast)
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 package dry onion soup mix
1 (12 oz) can Coke
Red potatoes, halved
Carrots, cut in chunks


Place the beef in the slow cooker and then top it the dish with dry onions soup.
Roast vegetables and place them around the roast.
Mix the soup of mushrooms and Coke in a cup and drizzle over roast.
Set the crock pot to low, cook for between 6 and 8 hours. In the longer time you cook it, the more tender your meat will become.