Christmas Chocolate Kahlua & Bailey’s Pudding Shots!


The Pudding Shots is the dessert/drink combination you’ll need for your next get-together with friends! With just 5 minutes of preparation and four ingredientsto prepare them with any of your favorite instant pudding or booze flavors.


Although Jello Shots are the go-to classic for making excitement. But did you know that you can also make Pudding Shots, too? Yes, it’s something that’s popular and delicious!

Similar to Jello shots You can create these boozy bites using many delicious variations. They are made with creamy pudding and flavor-infused liquor as well as liqueur. These desserts are always a success!

Be aware that you’ll need to keep them away from childrenThese are for adults only!

Make Pudding Shots within 5 minutes. Cool for 30 minutes before serving with plastic cups, or glasses. Serve with whipped cream as well as garnishes that are decorative and waiting to be served!



1. 1/2 Cup of red Velvet Bailey’s or make regular

14 cup Kahlua (coffee liquor)

1. Small box JELLO chocolate instant pudding mix

* 3/4 cup Milk

* 8 oz of Cool Whip

* Christmas Sprinkles to garnish


Combine all ingredients into a big bowl with the exception of the sprinkles. Incorporate the cool whip in small amounts at each time.

Fill the shot cups with the mixture. *I used a tablespoon of filling.


Keep in the refrigerator or freezer.

Christmas Vanilla Red Velvet Pudding Shots


3/4 cup red Velvet Bailey’s

One small container JELLO French Vanilla or regular Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix

• 3/4 cups milk

*1 (8oz)container Cool Whip

* Christmas Sprinkles

Directions : Same as the recipe above.