Barbecue Shrimp


Shrimp is delicious but not just grilling and fried but also on the grill too! It’s an excellent option during the summer heat and most importantly, it’s delicious as well. You can make them delicious and spicy or filled with delicious flavor, and all of these are ideal for those who are a fan of shrimp. Also, it comes with corn and potatoes. Both are fantastic summer foods and are something you should anticipate when trying to find that ideal summer dish.



250 G small potatoes

Two smaller ears of corn divided into four pieces

250g of sausages, Sauers or wieners divided into 4 pieces, crosswise

250 g of large prawns peeled, and then boiled 1 piece of butter melting 4 teaspoons


Tabasco 2 teaspoons mix spice (it is preferential to have at the very least some of these ingredients are the paprika, Bay leaf black pepper red pepper, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom along with ginger).


Take the potatoes as well as some salty water. Put them in the pot and allow them to boil in the alt water on the medium temperature, and keep the pot on for around 15 minutes at least until they are soft. After this you can drain the entire water from the potatoes, then wash them under the cold water.

Pick the potatoes and then place them on an Skewer. Then, you want to put the corn, then the sausage, and finally the shrimp, all using the same wooden skewers.

Pre-heat your grill to a medium-high heat range. Apply oil to the grill or butter to ensure that it does not get stuck. Next take a small bowl, mix the spices, tabasco and butter in this bowl to make sure that everything is together.

Then, you’ll want to grease the skewers’ surfaces with this mixture, and cook the skewers. As you turn them, make sure you add more butter mix. Make sure that the prawns have been properly cooked, the sausage is cooked, and you cook the corn but not charred. Make sure you take it off within eight or so minutes in case you end up being in the kitchen all day, it’ll cause a fire.

You can drizzle it with lemon juice, and serve with a slice of lemon!


What’s the most efficient way to add the corn at the top or near the bottom?

It is best to include this at the close of the cooking. You need to ensure that the corn is properly cooked, but not completely burnt. You must ensure it’s properly heated and that the corn is cooked.


If you put it on first it isn’t likely to receive the full cook However, in the final day, it does, but with one disadvantage of burning this food in the event that you’re not careful.

Do I have the ability to make them spiced?

If you love spice, you sure can! It’s just a matter of adding additional Tabasco sauce to to ensure that everything is properly tasted, and you’re getting the entire array of advantages with this. It will also give you the perfect amount of spice.

How do I calculate how much butter to use?

Make sure you use enough butter to ensure that everything is completely is covered. It is not necessary to lather it in butter, however an even amount on the sides will help smooth this out and make this taste better also.