What to Do With Old Solar Lights …


We had a bunch of old glass solar lights that all had bad sensors . My husband held onto them , thinking there must be something we could use them for…. I love how this little upcycle turned out!

what to do with old solar lights, Old broken solar lights
Old broken solar lights
Check that your solar lights don’t just need a new batteryThis is about as easy as a project can get …



First check to make sure your your non working solar light , doesn’t just need a new battery !!!! Yes , most need to be replaced every year or so …and most need special batteries that are made for solar lights .

In my case , the sensors gave out after a couple of years .



But , the lights were good ones , made of metal and glass , so my husband held onto them .

Clean out the glass areaMy husband said I should make them into mini planters!

I cleaned them off and brought them outside.

Add rocks for drainage
Add rocks (for drainage) and dirtI put some rocks in the bottom of the glass area to allow for some drainage.



Next , add some plants or flowers and some dirt to support them .

Plant your flowers

Fill each light with pretty flowers and then stand these beautiful little planters along your walkway, outside your porch, or anywhere that needs a little life!

Enjoyed the project?
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