Top 4 Homemade Carpet Cleaner Recipes


We all know the importance of carpets and the need for the house to have carpets in the house is completely indispensable because carpets are an essential corner of home furnishing, so the carpets must be completely clean in order to give a beautiful shape and a wonderful appearance to the home and leave the carpets with dust or dirty is a very bad And completely damaged the carpet.

Here are the four best ways to clean carpets: –

First method

The carpet is cleaned from dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet, and this is done by using the vacuum cleaners in the house.

Carpet stains and all the dirt sticking to it are carefully searched.

There are certain stains that are not removed except in the following stages: –

First: Mix the carpet cleaning powder with warm water.

Second: We bring a piece of white cloth and wet it with the solution that we brought, and then we wipe the places where the stains are.

Third: We bring another piece of cloth and we wet it with regular water and we wipe the areas that we wiped with the wet cloth with the solution in order to ensure that the traces of this solution are eliminated from the carpet after wiping it.

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