This Is The Easiest Way To Clean Your Stove Burners


Stove burners and stove burner pans are some of the most vexing things to clean in any kitchen. They are prone to both food spills AND high heats, which results in baked-on messes that are seemingly impossible to remove.

Before I got a nice, new gas stove a couple of years ago, I had a clunky old electrical range that suffered from the same issues I mentioned above. I eventually just started buying cheap packs of replacement stove burner pans at Walmart, because I could not for the life of me find an effective way to clean them. But once I got a nice new gas range, I knew I’d have to figure out how to get those parts clean, since they aren’t as easily replaceable as the burner pans had been. That’s when I discovered the ammonia method that I’ll be showing you today!

Using this method, I am able to clean all the removable parts of my stove without any serious scrubbing. It’s super simple, and I use it a couple of times a year to keep my stove looking clean and sparkly! For those of you who haven’t tried this method yet, you simply MUST. Period. One of the best tips I’ve ever come across on Pinterest, and that’s saying a LOT!

How To Clean Your Stove Burners
You’ll need:

Stove burner parts
Gallon-sized ziplock bags

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