The Easiest Way to Make a Patio Lantern


If you like lanterns and you want to have the most romantic and cozy atmosphere on your patio or porch, don’t throw out your large glass jars. Yes, you read that right! All you need is large glass jars and knitting yarn. I’m sure you have those large pickles jars and I’m sure you have knitting yarn at home. If not my friends, hurry to your grandma’s to get some.

The project is so easy, you just have to hot glue the knitting yarn or any other thick thread in any color you desire to your clean glass jar. I did the first one and it took me longer because I was recording. But the second one I made in about 10 minutes total. The result is just amazing. I love how it adds ornamentation to my patio. I put candles or fairy lights inside to make my place magical.

in this project, I literally upcycled everything from the top to the bottom to the handles. It cost me $0 (yes, zero dollars!) to make these stunning lanterns for my patio.

They are so cute that I’ll put them inside by my fireplace after the summer.

Ps: this lantern is very beautiful in black also.


the easiest way to make a patio lantern

You will need:



  1. large glass jar (1 gallon)
  2. knitting yarn or other thick thread
  3. copper wire (i took it from the electrical cable)
  4. hot glue
  5. paint if need it (For the lid)

Measure the thread the length of the jar and cut several pieces, like 20 or so.

Using hot glue, start adding your yarn with 2 inches between each. Glue the thread from the top to the bottom. Try to keep your lines as straight as you can. Once you place the first one, the others come easily. I started with a large interval between them and then filled the gaps.

If you want to make your spaces larger or narrower, it’s your decision. I did them close to each other but even if you leave them as you see them in this picture that’s fine too.

Measure the diameter of the jar and glue 4 threads, 2 on the top one in the middle, and one at the end of the jar.



Cover the neck of the jar with the thread to hide all the glass.

Remember the lid? I trimmed the excess of the thread in the bottom of the jar and glued the lid as a lantern base. I painted with copper paint that I had before you can choose the color you want. I did so just because I’m using copper wire as handles.

I thought a lot about how I wanted the handles and finally had this idea.

I carefully removed the copper wire from an old cable that I had in the garage with a cutter.

And shaped the wire in a semi-circle for the base of the handle (leave the circle open). Then I made another circle and I bent the sides and inserted them in the first circle. I placed the first circle around the neck of the jar and tied them very well to secure it.

I placed candles or fairy light inside and enjoyed my very own lanterns.

I chose this natural color to match my outdoor decorations, but the black color is my next project for the front porch. It looks gorgeous in black.

I’m listing where to get the materials but for me, this was a totally free project.

Enjoyed the project?


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