Textured Lamp


I love a good find!

This lamp was free on the side of the road- and I’m always on the hunt for a curvy lamp.

An easy way to update ANYTHING is with paint-

Pottery Barn is my inspiration for almost every project –

they have a nice selection of textured lamps but wayy out of my budget.

So the most affordable way is to do it yourself.

I didn’t spend anything on this project because I had all materials on hand.

but if you don’t- I recommend buying a variety of neutral colored paints –

Ranging from beige to brown.

I was going for a textured “aged” look which seems to be in right now.

in order to achieve this “aged” look- I start off by applying a base coat all over. Then layering on other paints one by one.

I mix baking soda so it has a very rough texture when dabbing it on.

I always dab the paint on. Never brush! Otherwise it comes off smeary and doesn’t end up how we want it.

I also painted the yellowing shade to a more clean color.

rub n buffed the metal portion and voila !

textured lamp


Lamp shade drying

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