Pecan Upside Down Cake


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To prepare this recipe, you’ll require the following fixings:


4 stick spread

4 cups sugar

4 cups of flour (cake or any other useful)

8 huge eggs, 8 oz cream cheddar

2 to 3 tsp vanilla seasoning


I set my margarine, cream cheddar, and eggs to be at room temperature. In a Mixer mix margarine, cream, sugar and cream cheddar until smooth. Add eggs at any given time and then add flour 1 cup at any moment. Then, add 2 to 3 teaspoons of vanilla flavoring. Make sure to oil and flour your cylinder dish , then add hitter. It is best to place the hitter first, and then sprinkle walnuts and dark sugar over it (a cup or larger amount of each) carefully press the nuts into the dish. Bake at 300 degrees for one hour and fifteen hours, (you could need to protect the top of the dish with foil if the cooking is too fast or the nuts are searing) then increase the temperature to 325 degrees and cook for another 30 minutes. It is possible to test the cookedness using a wooden stick. In the event that the cake you added isn’t quite done (at the moment it’s the cake is still wet) allow the cake to cook for a bit longer, until the stick can be placed in the cake and it turns dry. Remove from the broiler and allow to cool for about a few minutes prior to removing from the dish. If you transfer it the dish onto a plate there is a chance that you will be able to lose a few nuts, but as will be evident from my picture it is a sort of preparation to be covered with the top layer and then switch to a different plate, so that there are walnuts placed on the top! Then it is time to sprinkle the nuts with a cup of caramel you’d apply to dessert. I love Hershey’s but I’ve tried a few and also anything discounted! My plans are just a guide. Be creative… Make the cake yours! Note I’m getting requests from some people regarding things that are not documented such as milk boiling powder, making soft drinks, salt, and so on… You are free to alter your cake and include whatever you like but what you get is what I used to make it.

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