DIY Agate Slice Art


If I had to choose a DIY project that represents me the most. This one would be it. Ever since I was a kid, I have have had an obsession with geodes, rocks and especially Agate slices.

diy agate slice art

I was thinking of replacing this large mirror in the dining room, which I love, but I don’t love that every time I look in it reflects our messy kitchen and as a former home stager I was taught to only use mirrors if it reflects, light or something beautiful.



When I hang art in my home I want to mean something to me. I generally don’t just purchase art or pictures because they’re pretty, it has to resonate with me somehow. That’s when I thought of a large Agate slice piece that would make somewhat of a statement.…but have you seen the price of larger ones…$$$! So I decided to DIY it.



I used a precut piece of underlayment that was 4×2 but you could get any size or cut your own. I white washed it with 2 coats.



For the frame I cut my 1×2 to size. Cutting the sides first and then the top and bottom. I put the top and bottom in between the sides so you need to take the length of the board minus the width of the sides. I stained the 1×2 with Classic Grey by Minwax.

Using my nail gut I nailed the 1×2 together at the joints. I then flipped it over and nailed the underlayment to the back of the frame.


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