10 Magic Eraser Hacks That Will Transform Your Cleaning Routine!


Whether you are new to Magic Erasers or have used them before, today I am going to blow your mind with a variety of ways to use this multipurpose tool. These Magic Eraser hacks are quick and easy and will most definitely make cleaning a lot more bearable.
Have you ever wondered what the magic behind these little blocks is? Well, it’s quite simple; they are made of a porous material called melamine foam which acts like fine sandpaper to gently remove stains. Magic Erasers are effective at cleaning most stains using only cold water or hot water, without the need for chemicals or soap.

Let’s explore how you can save cleaning time with a Magic Eraser, the multi tool of the cleaning world!

A silver spoon displaying the contrast between the bottom portion that has been cleaned with a Magic Eraser and the top portion that remains dirty
1. Make your silver sparkle
Magic erasers have gained a reputation for their remarkable cleaning and stain removal ability. One particular use for these versatile cleaning tools is in silver polishing. With just a few swipes of a magic eraser, silverware, and other silver items can be restored to their former shine and luster.

It’s as simple as rubbing the eraser on the silver surface to achieve impressive results. In the picture above, you can see the difference in the appearance of the bottom of the spoon after being polished with a magic eraser as compared to the top which was not cleaned.

Removing permanent marker on a wine glass with a Magic Eraser
2. Remove permanent marker from glass
Hosting a party and want to personalize your guests’ glasses? Use this magic Eraser hack!

Simply write each person’s name with a permanent marker, and when the party is over, use a Magic Eraser to remove it. A clever party trick that is easy to clean up.

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